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Living Tree Estates - Amenities

Our residents range from those who only need a short-term stay for rehab to others in the final stages of life; it is our promise to take care of each one with compassion and respect. To that end, we offer housekeeping, linen, and laundry services. Because everyone feels better when they look better, we also house an on-site beauty salon.

We realize that conscientious caretaking involves a team of people, and therefore are dedicated to not only providing the best care to our residents but have also made a commitment to educating the family about options for their loved ones. Whether it’s in the capacity of providing resources or helping the family navigate the veteran or county funding process, we promise to handle these tasks with integrity and with the family's wishes and best interests in mind.

Our quiet country environment offers a peaceful setting for residents to relax and enjoy the beauty of Wisconsin throughout the year. If loved ones can't visit often, we offer a password-protected portal on this website (Gallery tab) where we will post photos and updates of our residents so friends and relatives can stay in touch digitally.